Topcon Healthcare: Screening

Complete Solution

The complete, turn-key solution fits into your existing workflow.


HEDIS Measures

Increases overall HEDIS measures and Star rating


Robotic Camera

Occupies one square foot and sits on any table or counter top.

Comprehensive eye care solution for teleophthalmology

Topcon Screen is a web-based, comprehensive eye care solution for ocular telehealth utilizing Topcon’s robotic instruments and Topcon’s interconnected reading network.

Image Acquisition

Scan your patient in under 3 minutes with robotic fundus camera.

Auto Transfer

Images automatically transferred to Topcon’s reading network.

Certified Report

Images are graded and signed by certified clinicians in less than 48 hours.

Returned Report

Completed analysis report is securely delivered back to you or inside your EMR.

Comprehensive Solution

Our industry-leading ocular telehealth platform offers a comprehensive screening solution for diabetic retinopathy and other diseases including glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Topcon’s screening service provides the capabilities necessary to manage an end-to-end workflow between your practice and our reading center partnerships. We help reduce costs associated with screening, detection, referral and treatment of retinal eye disease.

Fits existing workflow

Topcon provides the complete infrastructure, including reading services and robotic camera.  The camera can perform the exam in under 3 minutes, making it easy to capture eye exams for your patients.

Increases overall HEDIS measures and Star rating

Close care gaps and increase patient compliance by providing a comprehensive diabetic eye exam in your office.

Topcon Screen with the NW-400

Small footprint robotic camera fits in minimal space

The robotic camera occupies only one square foot of space and sits on any table or counter top. You can place it within your practice without taking up valuable space.

Turn-key Solution

Cloud Architecture

Robotic Camera

Small Footprint

Secure Network

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